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Meet The Crew

Grind N Press Coffee Crew is operated by a fun husband and wife team Tony & Leslie Ramia. We aim to serve the highest quality coffee service at any function or event with a difference, we serve coffee out of our modified Jeep Wrangler. With our passion for adventure and coffee, we have created the ultimate coffee experience, and we are ready to serve Sydney.

Tony Ramia

Also known as ‘Big T’ he has been a licensed plumber by trade for the last 20 years, but Big T had other passions… coffee and adventure! Combining the two, he created Grind N Press Coffee Crew. Converting his beloved Jeep Wrangler to be able to serve coffee anywhere.

“Big T” and “Lil’ Les”…this dynamic duo are fitness freaks, and will provide such an energy filled environment to any occasion. It’s not just a cup of coffee, but everyone’s liquid sanity!

Leslie Ramia

Leslie is also known as “Lil’ Les”. With a love for adventure, she has been a travel agent for the last 18 years. She has a strong passion for Big T ? …So naturally, she share’s his passion for coffee & adventure.

We are proud to only service our customers coffee that we have trialed, tested & enjoyed.

Its all about the service ……

Providing that cup of Liquid Gold

to our customers. 

We are not the ordinary mobile coffee service.

We are Unique, the original & one of a kind.

There's no holding back... There is nothing our Jeep can't wrangle.

Providing you coffee with a difference.

We have searched far and wide to find the best coffee, whilst sampling many different suppliers, a decision was made. Grind N Press are proud to supply our customers with premium and high quality coffee from the coffee artisans at Black Drum Roasters. We found after endless coffee tastings that Black Drum was the right choice.

We have selected the 6/8 blend from the Black Drum team.

Roast degree: Medium dark
Aroma: Chocolate, fruit, nuts
Flavor: A well balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate, stewed red plums together with roasted walnuts
Body: Velvety
Acidity: gentle
Finish: Balanced with a long and gentle fade

You name it, and we will be there.

Contact us for more information or bookings.

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Number: 0413 312 3160411 728 473
Email: coffeecrew@grindnpress.com.au
ABN: 49 231 367 651

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